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Free Face
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Qualifications for Free Face are as follows:
Free Face
You must be a woman of legal age to utilize this service. I am not going to do anything illegal.  This is to ensure that I will be able to keep this site active for as long as possible.
You must be clean. No offense meant to any of you, but you must be clean and not smell bad.  I've never been with a dirty woman, but I have been around a few that I would not be able to help in this area.  If I cannot breath, I cannot help you.  Also, I will not go down on anyone who is on the rag unless we are dating.  Sorry for the inconvenience.
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You must be single or in an open type of relationship. I do not believe in cheating, and will take no part in it.  I also will not get into fights over women that I do not know.  If your partner cannot help you in this area, then you should not be with him/her.  I will be happy to please you as long as no one will get hurt or mad.  If your mate will understand, or even wants to watch, I will be happy to oblige, but if someone will get mad, I cannot help you.
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I must think you are cute. I only go down on women who I find attractive.  I have different tastes than some people.  If you would like me to give you oral sex, you must let me know what you look like.  Send me a picture and I will let you know if I believe you are cute enough for free oral.  It does not have to be a naked picture, just one so I can tell generally what your body and face look like.  Some people say that I have weird tastes, but I love women, so try your luck.  I am picky, but I look at both the body and the face.  I cannot put requirements under looks because I don't know until I see someone whether I beleive they are attractive or not.
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You must be nude. I believe that the female body is a work of art, and I like to admire it.  Therefore, you must be nude while I am giving you oral.  We can consider my admiring your naked body to be my payment for services rendered if you feel uncomfortable about getting something for nothing.
You must be disease free. I have been tested, as has everyone who I have been with.  To protect myself and everyone else, it would be appreciated if you have been tested for STD's.  I am doing this public service to please women, and giving them an STD will not please them.
You should let your friends know about your experience if you have a good time.  Word of mouth is the best advertisement, so if you enjoyed yourself, recommend me to your friends.  Also, you can utilize my service as often as you would like.
If you enjoy your experience, please let me have some type of referral that I can put on my site. This is not required, but I would like to be able to have a page with comments from satisfied customers.  Also, if I need to do something different, or if there was something you really liked, please let me know.
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